Make smarter business decisions by leveraging your data

We help you discover exactly what marketing strategies are generating an ROI for your business so you can increase your profitability by putting more focus into what works


The Must-Know KPIs All Successful Businesses Measure

Start tracking these today in just 10 minutes or less. Complete with your own KPI tracker to help you make data-based decisions to scale.

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We’ve simplified marketing data.

(Even if you’re not “techy” or a numbers person)

Our signature program, Measure & Maximize, will give you the knowledge and resources you need to help you zero in on what’s working and what’s not so you can make informed decisions on where to spend your time, money, and efforts to grow your business in a smart, sustainable, strategic way.

Don’t you think it’s time to know exactly where you should be spending your time and what marketing efforts are really worth sticking your dollars behind?

With Measure & Maximize, you’ll make educated business decisions that will help you increase your ROI.  You will:


exactly where your leads and sales are coming from


your business and resources more effectively


data for decision-making and predictibility


 results with reports that help you (or your clients) take action

When you’re making business decisions, you should feel confident you’re making the right ones by leveraging your data.

If you’re ready to discover exactly where your leads and sales are coming from so you can make informed marketing decisions that put more money in your pocket…

Hi, I’m Jen, the founder of The Nimble Co.

Once I learned how to use free analytic tools to my advantage, it changed everything for me and my business. I knew exactly what to leverage to grow my profits and cut marketing strategies that were costing me money, time, and energy.

Now, I love helping you learn how to use data to remove the guesswork from your business so you can be more profitable. When you have reliable data that you can easily access and understand, you can spot leaky funnels, low-performing team members, or products that need a marketing jump-start.

I firmly believe any entrepreneur can make strategic, data-driven decisions, without all the confusion and exhaustion that knock so many people off track with the right support.

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