Measure & Maximize Ambassador


Measure & Maximize
Ambassador Program

As a current or former student of the Measure & Maximize program, you have the option to become an ambassador for the program.  As an ambassador, you can earn 20% commission per student that enrolls in the program. Assuming no discount has been applied, that can earn you up to $300 per student based on current prices.

How It Works

As an ambassador, you share the program with your own network (people who don’t yet know about Measure & Maximize program).

Examples include:

  • Sharing about the program on your own personal social media
  • Emailing about the opportunity to friends or colleagues who might be interested
  • Sharing about the opportunity on your own content platform (blog, podcast, YouTube channel)
  • Talking to people you personally know 1:1 via messenger, Voxer, or phone

It does not include:

  • Spamming Facebook groups or other peoples networks with the link
  • Posting your own referral link inside of our free FB group
  • Referral “trains” where a group of people who are all already interested, each sign up under each others links

Who Is A Good Fit?

The people in your network who may benefit from our Measure & Maximize Program are service providers who want to uplevel their data and measurement skills so they can provide additional services or raise their rates. Examples of service providers we currently have in the program include:

  • Director of Operations
  • Online Business Manager
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Marketing Managers
  • Social Media Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Ad Managers / Media Buyers
  • Marketing or Operations consultants

How We Support

We want to set you up for success as an ambassador, so we provide resources to get you started. You can find all fo these in your Teachable Ambassador portal.

  • Referral links for you to share
  • Social media graphics
  • Email and social media copy templates (to be customized by you)