Why Measuring Marketing Effectiveness is Important (& How To Get Started)


When you’re marketing your business, you’re spending valuable time, energy, and money. So you need to know whether what you’re doing is worthwhile! Measuring marketing effectiveness is a key piece in any successful marketing strategy. But it’s one that’s often overlooked.  To make strategic decisions in your business, you need to fully understand your metrics! […]

How To Track Your Typical Consumer Journey Using The Perfect KPIs


Knowing your customers inside and out is a HUGE part of being successful in your business. And having an ideal customer avatar is just the beginning—you’ll also need to use KPIs to track your typical consumer journey for the best results.  In an online world, things are always changing. You have to be highly aware […]

How To Choose The Perfect KPI Metrics For Your Business


If you want to improve your business, tracking your metrics is essential. Your metrics give you an inside look at what’s working in your business and what needs to change. Using KPI metrics helps you create a framework for assessing the progress of your business goals.  But actually choosing the perfect KPIs for your business […]

Why You Need to Be Using UTM Trackable Links in Your Marketing


Using trackable links is an amazing way to hone in on your marketing strategy and effectively manage your campaigns. These links provide you with so much information about what’s really working in your marketing. That way, you can maximize your time by focusing on what moves the needle forward and generates more revenue in your […]

8 Business Mistakes To Avoid In Order To Be More Successful


As you start and grow your business, it’s important to take the right steps toward achieving your goals. Avoiding key business mistakes will help you be successful in your business.  Especially when they lead to inconsistency, business mistakes can really impact your business. From mindset to metrics, every area of your business actually has mistakes […]

How To Determine A Client’s Lifetime Customer Value (& Why You Should)


There are so many metrics to track in your business, but one important thing you should pay attention to is lifetime customer value. Business metrics focus on a variety of things, from growing your audience to understanding conversion issues on your website. Customer value is one of the most important metrics for any online business.  […]

How To Create A High Converting Landing Page That Works Every Time

An incredible landing page helps boost conversions and turn visitors into customers. But creating a high converting landing page isn’t always easy.  Building the perfect landing page is possible! With the right tips and strategies, you’ll be able to go beyond a website that looks nice to a high converting landing page that really seals […]

Which Social Media Metrics Are Most Important To Track?

Social media is obviously a really powerful tool for marketing your small business! But the most important part of social media isn’t what you post, how you engage, or how pretty your feed is. Instead, you need to prioritize tracking your social media metrics for the best results! There’s so much misinformation online about which […]