Why Measuring Marketing Effectiveness is Important (& How To Get Started)


When you’re marketing your business, you’re spending valuable time, energy, and money. So you need to know whether what you’re doing is worthwhile! Measuring marketing effectiveness is a key piece in any successful marketing strategy. But it’s one that’s often overlooked.  To make strategic decisions in your business, you need to fully understand your metrics! […]

How To Increase Engagement On Instagram With 5 Simple Strategies


Instagram is such a powerful tool for businesses. You can cultivate an audience and build brand awareness and loyalty…but only if you’re creating engaging content. If you’re wondering how to increase engagement on Instagram, you’re not alone!  There are so many people using Instagram each day, so there’s a serious opportunity for high ROI when […]

7 Powerful Copywriting Tips To Help You Uplevel Your Marketing

Copywriting is an integral part of marketing. No matter your niche, having impeccable copywriting skills helps you connect with, educate, inspire, and persuade your audience. That’s why having amazing copywriting tips on your side helps you grow your skills and improve your marketing as a whole.  When you take the time to implement copywriting tips, […]

4 Easy and Free Strategies To Boost Your Organic Traffic


Organic traffic is one of the most powerful factors to focus on in your online business. While paid advertising has its benefits, organic search remains one of the most prominent drivers of both traffic and revenue.  Taking advantage of search traffic is a great way to increase your revenue over time. But figuring out how […]

What Is The Clubhouse App & How Will It Help Your Business?


Have you heard of the Clubhouse app yet? It’s one of the newest social media platforms rising in popularity. It’s totally unique, and could present an incredible opportunity for you to market your business.  If you’re not familiar with the Clubhouse app, that’s okay—it’s relatively new. Lots of businesses and professionals are striving to figure […]

How to Create An Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

While you probably use social media all the time, you might be underestimating the power of LinkedIn for growing your business! Developing a LinkedIn marketing strategy will help you network the right way and strategically grow your business. But how do you do it?  Learning to create engaging content, connect with the right people, and […]

5 Best Tips for Marketing a Service-Based Business

Many people consider marketing a service-based business tougher work than marketing a product. In reality, it just requires a different approach.  The strategies that work for products won’t work for services. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Marketing a service-based business relies more heavily on your ability to build a powerful brand and story. You […]

How to Boost Conversions on Any Sales Page


Getting conversions is the goal of most websites. Realistically, if two out of every hundred visitors to your site become a customer, you’re doing well. Try out some of these conversion optimization strategies on your sales page to get a boost! Strategies to Boost Conversions On Your Sales Page Your sales page has one main […]

What Is a Content Repurposing Workflow (& Why You Need One)?

What Is a Content Repurposing Workflow (& Why You Need One) | The Nimble Co

Are you spending a ton of time making content for each individual channel you have? Does it take up way too much of your energy? Creating a content repurposing workflow lets you effectively reuse content you’ve already created.  One piece can become many pieces that you can share on different platforms and channels. If you’re […]