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The Traffic Insights Dashboard is an easy-to-understand visual dashboard that gives you information about your marketing efforts in REAL-TIME… in a way you can actually understand… using tools you probably already know. (… and if you don’t, it’s okay… there’s a tutorial included!)

If you’ve fallen into the trap of trying to do all the things without letting your current results drive important business decisions, I am here to tell you… it’s not your fault… but that practice needs to change.

You’ve already got so much on your plate. You’re already trying to do it all.

Why use a tool that creates yet another task on your to-do list? Instead look for one that actually checks something tedious OFF that list (… analyzing hard-to-understand data AND ineffective marketing tasks) and makes your marketing efforts easier and more profitable?

Here’s the thing… you might not be doing the right things when it comes to marketing… and you wouldn’t even know it.

Even if you’ve been successful so far in your marketing efforts (yay!), you probably have no way of knowing with certainty you’re making the right moves, because you aren’t using the data (ie., the dreaded numbers) to DECIDE what to do and measure the success.

So you work hard and do all the things… but you have NO idea what is MOVING the needle in your business, what is just a small tweak away from taking-off, and what things are just a straight up waste of your time and money.

And if you are like most entrepreneurs I speak with, you might not even know how to GET this crucial information. Maybe you turn to the reporting for each individual tool… or if you are feeling brave, you open Google Analytics and become completely lost and overwhelmed.

You KNOW it’s important to know your numbers… that ‘the path is in the math’… but that doesn’t make trying to interpret those numbers any easier. Even if you hate numbers, fail every math class you’ve ever taken, and see spreadsheets as a whole other language… there IS hope.

Here is the secret that super-successful business owners know…

All it takes is one simple report to work smarter and… effectively understand what is working and what’s not. One step and you know where you should focus your efforts to get results. That’s it. Just one!

And I want to show you exactly how to put this to work for your business.

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“Jen’s training on Google Data Studio is awesome! I didn’t even know about GDS before – her walkthrough made it super easy to set up and the dashboard is so helpful. I love being able to track all our most important data, traffic sources, etc. in one place. I recommend it for anyone looking to get a better handle on their data!”​
Lacey Sites
A Lit Up Life
“Google Analytics overwhelms me. There is too much there and I have no idea where to focus or what to do with the information. As a professional blogger, this dashboard helps us make strategic decisions every month on where to focus our efforts. I love it and recommend it to all of my blogger and business owner friends!!”
Becky Mansfield
Your Modern Family
This dashboard is awesome! I'm regularly in Google Analytics, but don't go into search console that much. It's really nice to have a place that brings it all together for me. The organic search tracking and change percentages is the best! It's totally something you would expect to see from SEMrush, but it has avg positions and changes too so I can see where and when bigger drops or climbs are happening.
Julie Epsy
Bread, Booze and Bacon


Connecting your dashboard takes less than 10 minutes (assuming you already have Google Analytics and Google Search Console). The training videos are about 15 minutes.

That’s exactly why I’ve designed this dashboard for you. You just connect your data (following a super easy tutorial) and play! Plus I tell you exactly what to look at to understand your data and make decisions accordingly.

Yes! Now is the perfect time to get this set up. That way as you grow you’ll be able to keep an eye on key data that will help you make informed decisions about where to spend your time!

How often do I need to update it? How does never sound? The data feeds it automatically and in real-time from Google Analytics.

No, we use all free tools (Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Search Console)

You must have/set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics for your website or funnel. They are both free tools.

As long as you can install Google Search Console and Google Analytics, yes! I’ve yet to run into a platform that Google can’t integrate with.

This page is for the individual license only. To use with clients or white-label it as your own, see that version (link).


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